Worldwide, Remote Full-time

Senior QA Automation Lead

Company Headquarter:
QA Automation
Restful API

About the role


100% Remote

Language Requirement:

Upper Intermediate English
About the Project:
Join our product team in the dynamic world of betting and gambling. Your experience in developing gambling or betting projects will be highly valued.
Technical Stack:

 • Automation Tools:

Python, Selenium, Chromedriver

 • CI Tool:


 • Additional Skills:

SQL, REST API, GIT, GitLab (future implementation)
Key Responsibilities:

  Framework Management and Enhancement:

 • Manage and enhance a custom framework based on Selenium.
 • Integrate functionality for backend communication via REST API and direct database calls.
 • Implement new features like click, scroll to elements, etc.

  Test Development and Maintenance:

 • Develop new tests utilizing the custom framework.
 • Build and optimize locators model based on Page Object design pattern.
 • Maintain and update existing tests.

  Jenkins Management:

 • Oversee and manage Jenkins and its pipelines.

  Occasional Manual QA:

 • Step in for manual QA tasks in emergency situations.
QA Manager Duties:

 • JIRA Board Management:

 • Create, maintain, and execute automation tasks.

 • Team Planning:

 • Strategically plan automation activities for team members.

 • Documentation:

 • Develop and maintain comprehensive documentation for automation processes.

 • Experience:

Minimum 5 years in QA, with at least 3 years in QA automation.

 • Education:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

 • Skills:

Proven experience in the listed technical stack.

 • Leadership:

Ability to manage and lead a team with diverse responsibilities.

 • Problem-Solving:

Excellent problem-solving skills and adaptability.

 • Industry Experience:

Experience in betting or gambling projects (preferred).

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